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Importing cargo can put a strain on cashflow due to high outlays on the cargo, freight, duties and taxes. Coupled to this is the long cash conversion cycle due to the transit times inherent with ocean freight forwarding. We are able to offer bespoke trade finance solutions that alleviate the working capital requirements. These solutions can be closely matched to the supply chain and your cashflow cycle.

C Steinweg Logistics are mindful of the strain the import process can put on cashflow in your business and to address this we have a trade finance product that can be customised to your unique requirements.

These solutions can be structured in a manner that also allows you to capitalise on your preferential procurement spend recognising not only the freight and shipping, but also the value of the goods.

We provide a clear understanding of the total landed cost of the product including cost of finance, foreign exchange rate and other disbursements.

How we can help you

  • Improved cashflow
  • Access to funding
  • Full visibility of the total landed cost of the products
  • Hedging of Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Full visibility of your supply chain
  • Preferential Procurement recognition on total landed cost at 135% (BBBEE Level 1 Black-female owned)

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