General Cargo

General cargoes such as boxed, crated, palletized materials falling outside of the commodity trade scope are also handled at a variety of Steinweg offices around the world.

In 2018, Hollands Veem B.V., Rotterdam joined our group to complement the services already provided.

Hollands Veem BV has a 50-year track record in handling General Cargo, this service includes retail products (both food and non-food), wholesale distribution for electronics and personal care products, but also containerized project cargo, complete production lines, luxury cars, machinery, and semi-fabricated materials.

For these, we operate specialized Container Depots / Freight Stations for CrossDocking and buyers or sellers consols, with 30.000 m2 of storage space in Rotterdam and even larger surfaces in Dubai, Durban, Duisburg and Johannesburg.

Permits & Accreditations

Credentials C. Steinweg Logistics has NCACC Accreditation as well as Explosives permits. We have extensive experience in the handling of more complex and controlled cargoes and require our network partners to have similar accreditation and experience throughout the globe. We also arrange and provide inspections with regulatory bodies and therefore provide an all-inclusive, door-to-door service throughout.


We are a BBEEE Level 1 contributor, and are ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

C. Steinweg Logistics complies with the DTI revised codes of good practice, and is a 51% Black Owned Business. With this, empowerment and employment equity are therefore at the heart of the business. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures that we perform our work in line with global quality standards. With C. Steinweg Logistics as a logistics partner, local industries can capitalise on the global network of a Level 1 BBEEE logistics service provider with the backing of a massive and established parent company of 167 years standing

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