Chartering Services

We understand that in the current economic climate, clients are faced with extremely high FCL freight rates, no equipment or booking space available on shipping lines, customers pay for full containers even though the space is not needed. We take that stress away from you.

We have direct contact with vessel owners to negotiate the best freight offering as well as combining cargoes to reduce freight. Charters may be booked into and out of South Africa to/ from the global destinations.

Our team provides clients with a carrier routing plan that is optimi-ed to transit timetocost ratio. We leverage our global ocean freight network through our existing panfrican deposts and facilities which C. Steinweg is ma0ority shareholder. We are able to take valuable cargo across the oceans safely and expeditiously.  dedicated controller is allocated to an order from the time of collection through to the end of delivery, ensuring that your consignment is traceable and systematic chain of delivery is followed. y employing custom-designed software and familiarising ourselves with the programs utilised by the various port authorities, we are able to provide clients with the reassurance that their cargo will reach its final destination timeously and intact.

       Chartering service include

Shipping of IMCO cargo

We are able to handle Class 1 cargo and other hazardous cargo on approved IMO registered vessels.
Explosives: NEQ (nett explosive quantity) permitted varies across different ports, and we assist with identifying the best port to ship out of given NEQ values.

Shipping of abnormal/over-sized structures and equipment

Includes shipping all pieces that are considered abnormal, i.e., any article/ piece that exceeds the following:
Weight: 30 tons
Length: 12.0 metres
Width 2.5 metres
Height: 2.87 metres
We arrange permits for road transport with relevant authorities for abnormal loads taking any road embargoes into account, arrange dunnage to secure cargo for road and sea transport, arrange escorts to transport loads, and can include route surveys if required.

On charter/part charter basis

Charter: taking the whole vessel as a charter to carry a parcel
Part charter: signing a charter party agreement for part-load cargo
We can facilitate time charters as well, i.e., chartering a vessel for a period of time as opposed to a per voyage basis.

Supply shipper-owned containers

Purchase and supply of containers for single use by clients.

Coordination of laycan dates with vessel owners

This is to facilitate when the cargo will be ready to load. Ties up when the cargo is ready and the vessel will be ready and the laycan date is to suit both parties for efficient loading and minimised delays.

Import/export clearances

We offer customs clearance solutions for all modalities and same applies to charters.

Arranging floating cranes

Floating cranes are used for any cargo that is not able to be loaded or discharged with shoreside equipment or vessels gear. It is regulatory to use the floating crane in certain ports for load/ discharge of Class 1 cargo. 

Full survey/tally functions

Survey – inspection of the cargo condition on receipt in the port, on loading or on discharging.
Tally – a physical count of cargo loaded or discharged; takes into account the time taken to load and discharge.

Full stevedoring functions including lashing and securing of cargo 

Stevedores are employed to load or discharge cargo. On loading, they are there to facilitate the loading process with ships gear, portside equipment or their own equipment depending on the nature of the cargo, to ensure that the cargo is safely secured prior to undertaking a voyage.

Coordination of shipments with Fire Department/SAPS and port authorities

Class 1 and certain other hazardous cargo requires different authorities to be present at loading and/or to provide approval for a shipment to take place.
Key words: police permits, SAMSA, Fire Department, Harbour Master approval, Marine Safety Office

Aerial shot of a cargo ship approaching port with help of towing ship

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