Cross Trades Logistics

When it comes to Cross Trades you are required to have dedicated control in order to ensure processes, best practices, country requirements and documents are adhered to and met accordingly. We have experts in our teams with extensive knowledge and operational experience that utilize our global office and agent networks to execute freight movements successfully.

C Steinweg Logistics is able to meet this demand and can arrange to ship your goods from anywhere in the world to your required final destination, even if you are not based in either of these countries. Cross trade logistics is made possible at C Steinweg with our extensive network of trusted shipping agents and worldwide partners in key transportation locations around the world to make your cross-trade shipments simple and easy.

This service is delivered applying for the same criteria and support from our experienced personnel as if we were handling your regular exports and imports.

Furthermore, we can support you with our advanced freight software to produce international freight documentation and even track your cargo wherever it may be in the world. This means we can deliver first-rate cross trade logistics services for shipments of any size from just about any port in the world to even the most difficult to reach destinations. With our strong overseas presence and hand-picked agents, we obtain high-quality services from point to point by over-seeing the supply chain in whichever country it starts and ends in.

C Steinweg Logistics has successfully completed cross trades into difficult to reach countries across Africa. These cross trades have been multimodal in nature, including by Air, Ocean and Road.

How we can help you

  • Highly skilled controllers monitor shipments through every stage of transport
  • International network of trusted shipping agents and freight forwarders
  • Detailed route surveys
  • Global handling capability
  • Cargo tracking software
  • Project logistics consultancy
  • Customs clearance and documentation preparation
  • Cargo insurance

Benefits of using us

  • Global Access to Markets
  • The ability to move cargo between two foreign
    countries opens up new markets for businesses
  • Lower Supply Chain Costs
  • Cross trade eliminates bringing the goods to the seller s country or location and all associated costs with it such as freight, duties, and taxes
  • Shorter Transit Times
  • Cross trade can cut down the time of travel, allowing greater cost savings
  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Cross trade decentralizes the supply chain by placing production and stock closer to the final destination.

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